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Thought Leadership

Global Risk Management Report


Our report on the findings of the Nexia International Global Risk Management Survey provides a unique snapshot of risk management practices among predominantly mid-market businesses from around the world. It highlights current risk management challenges facing those businesses and provides insights into the latest risk management trends and solutions. It also includes a checklist of questions arising from the survey to help companies benchmark their current risk management practices.

Nexia Global Risk Management Report

Financial Planning & Investment Stratégies

Nexia member firm, Wolf Group Capital Advisors have produced two reports. The first one is aimed at foreign nationals who are planning on moving to the United States and will become U.S. tax residents and the second one is for U.S. individuals living overseas, which provide an insight into important planning fundamentals that should be considered prior to moving and making financial decisions.

 Financial outsourcing in the BRICS

This report provides an overview of financial outsourcing in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS). It covers what a business should look out for when outsourcing its finance function in these countries, the benefits of doing so and ways to avoid potential pitfalls. This report is based on the views and experiences of Nexia International member firms operating in the relevant countries.

M&A Snapshot Survey

This report provides a snapshot of mid-market M&A activity and some of the key issues affecting deal flow around the world. It is based on a survey completed by Nexia member firms. Participants reviewed the outlook for mid-market M&A activity in their respective countries and some of the key issues impacting on deal-making in those markets.

Intellectual Property and R&D

This report provides an overview of the tax regimes in Europe, together with an analysis of selected countries in the region. The report is based on the views of Nexia International member firms.

Response to EC Green Paper: Audit Policy

The report looks at the wider regulatory scene, The European Commission (E.C.) ‘Green Paper on Audit Policy’, considering the potential implications for Nexia International of the European Commission’s proposals for reform of the audit market.

Global mid-cap markets outlook 2011


The report provides a snapshot of the key issues faced by a selection of mid-market stock exchanges operating around the world. It is based on the views and expertise of Nexia International’s member firms in relevant countries.