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Novances, the consulting, auditing and accounting group, has expressed its commitment to diversity by signing the Diversity Charter.


On 26 November 2013, during the Lyon stage of the Diversity Charter’s Tour of France, Novances signed the Diversity Charter.

Since its creation in October 2004, the Diversity Charter has encouraged businesses to pledge to promote and respect diversity among their workforces.

By becoming a signatory, Novances therefore agrees to fight all forms of discrimination and to implement internal procedures that encourage diversity.

Novances, a pioneer and expert in the field of employment, naturally wanted to adopt the Charter, since many of its principles were already applied within the company without a formal framework.

To confirm its commitment, Novances shall complete an annual questionnaire on the initiatives it has undertaken, the results achieved, and so on.

The Charter was signed by Novances partners Christian Dechant and Latra Raffin. Latra Raffin, who is Head of the Payroll and Employment Department within Novances, highlights some of the aspects which led the firm to sign the Charter:

“Novances applies the principles of the Charter internally through:

About the Diversity Charter:

Companies are required to complete the following questionnaire once every year:

• Commitment

What are the reasons behind the company’s commitment to diversity and what policy has it established in this regard?

• Awareness raising and training

What awareness-raising and training actions has the company implemented for its employees?

• Goal setting

How has the company assessed and developed its HR procedures (in terms of recruitment and internal promotion), to make them more objective and to ensure that they are monitored?

• New approaches to recruitment and promotion

What initiatives or new practices has the company undertaken in terms of recruitment and career development to enable it to be more representative of society, reducing gaps between different groups of people?

• Communication

How does the company communicate, internally and externally, on its commitment and the actions it has undertaken?

• Establishing social dialogue

Has the company initiated dialogue with its social partners or employee representatives?

• Assessing and reporting actions

How does the company go about assessing and reporting its actions?


 Novances, the region’s leading consulting, auditing and accounting group, supports the Beaujolais Marathon

The Beaujolais Marathon is an internationally renowned sporting event.

The marathon, which is organised by 850 volunteers, also offers the opportunity for business networking at its race start village.

For Novances, it is the opportunity to invite sporting clients, staff and company partners to take part in the race.

For Novances partner Christian Dechant, Novances’ partnership with the race is founded on two key pillars:


 NOVANCES – partner of the IAE’s CLEA


The CLEA (Lyon’s Centre of Expertise for Accounting and Auditing) at the Lyon School of Management (the IAE), was founded in 2013 by François Lantin and Jean-Jacques Friedrich with the primary aim of creating accounting and auditing courses in order to provide a comprehensive range of advanced training.

Novances and IAE Lyon, the region’s leading training centre for finance-related careers, signed a partnership with a view to strengthening their existing relationship.

With François Lantin as director and Sandrine Vivian as Head of Partnerships, the CLEA has clearly stated key aims:

Novances will actively contribute to the centre’s educational goals by helping to develop course programmes and supporting course graduates’ transition into the labour market.

Novances, with its 150-strong workforce, has clear values, and its leaders consider human resources to be the Group’s main asset. The company has also signed the Diversity Charter.

Every year, Novances recruits young people as part of its development strategy. 57% of employees belong to generation Y.

The Group offers real career prospects, demonstrated by the fact that four of its partners began their careers within the company. This approach involves developing skills and establishing individual training plans for all employees. To support this process, Novances is a member of ATH, France’s main technical accounting association, which provides training programmes adapted to the company’s needs.

This focus on training employees is part of a strategy that aims to preserve Novances’ position in the consulting sector.

In response to market developments, Novances has adapted its business model to focus on thorough knowledge of customers and their needs, and a broader range of services with support provided by experts.

Novances partner Pascal Jourdan, who initiated the CLEA partnership, explains:

“I am very pleased with this partnership as Novances is truly a company which puts human capital at the forefront of its strategy and which offers real career opportunities; four partners began their careers in-house.

Indeed we place great importance in establishing training plans for our teams in order to develop their skills in line with industry developments.”